Specialties of Phu Yen province P1


Phu Yen is a coastal province in the South Central Coast of Vietnam. This easternmost province of Vietnam is endowed with various types of seafood which prominently appear in the local restaurants’ cuisine.

Among abundant specialties of the province are grilled oysters in O Loan lagoon, steamed tuna eyes in Tuy Hoa city and jellyfish salad in the locality of Nau (xu Nau).

Blood oysters in O Loan Lagoon

The O Loan Lagoon is located by the side of the Highway 1A, just below the Quan Cau pass, about 22km from Tuy Hoa city. From the top of the Quan Cau pass, you can see the ravishing sight of the lagoon, like a phoenix spreading its wings in the air. The O Loan lagoon is famous for rare kinds of birds, golden sands and casuarinas forest along the waterside. However, being an inland situated brackish lagoon, O Loan is especially well-known for blood cockles.

Blood cockles in the O Loan lagoon are always favoured because of their higher nutritious value than others in different regions in Vietnam. Grilled on charcoal until cockle shells open and the medium cooked cockles seep out some fluid, you just take the cockle’s inside, dip in prepared mixture of salt, pepper and lemon juice and eat with some aromatic herbs and grilled rice-paper. A sip of liquor will make the dish much more delicious. You can feel a tasty blend of greasy cockle, hot pepper, savory herbs and spice and strong odour of liquor.


Blood cockles can be boiled, steamed or grilled. Though grilling is an easy and rustic way of preparing cockles, it is the best way to enjoy them. Delicious blood cockle meat can also be used in many other dishes.

However, many tourists prefer sitting on a wherry moving around the lagoon, seeing beautiful sights and watching skillful divers catching cockles while enjoying the tastiest delicious dishes from blood cockles.


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