Hue mussel rice – the soul of Hue (Part 1)


Hue – the ancient imperial capital, is famous not only because of the mausoleum architecture, unique palaces, houses ancient garden hidden behind the lights lovely and dreams. Talk about Hue that said to the Huong river eternal silence with Trang Tien bridge indifferent winding … Speaking of long slender purple long dress of Dong Khanh’s girl with Bai Tho hat shy tilted cover. But Hue is also known by the unique dishes such as bloating fern shaped cake (Banh beo), Nam cake, lotus seed porridge.


Each dish is a treasure of culinary style as inherently noble that Hue soul. Yet, hardly a simple dish which has rustic, frugal but not Hue characterized as mussel rice.

Ancient Hue Soul …

” Whoever visits mussels please come to Con

Hundred years close mouth ponder sadness thoughts

Bitter, bitter and sweet

Knead up upside down, pity the land

Look at a mussel rice bowl seeing old Hue soul …”

One section of the poetry that I do not remember reading somewhere has not only generalize the taste of mussel dishes, eating and especially showing even Hue soul in a folk bowl of rice. Author of the poem is really a child of Hue, who understood the native fatherland then should have sent his soul to convey the words, though simple but profound and suggestive pictures, so honest.

Mussel rice is so delicious depend mussels meat and mussel broth. Although mussels, but also a gourmet’s recognize that, eating mussels in Hue more delicious mussels in other places. Do not know affectionate that the visitors intended Hue but to recognize that, Hue is a mussels hillock. This place distant a few kilometers meters where is still retains the look of a peaceful old villages along the Huong river. Known as Con Hen (mussels hillock) which is an float alluvial soil middle the river. According to those working in administration, despite the small mussel but sweet especially because the bottom of river many mud, making mussels multiply rapidly. Legend mussels are there only to advance the king. Today, Con Hen people are still living as scraping mussels in village ancestor worship mussel. Con Henis known as the mines mussels of the ancient capital. vietnam travel