Spaghetti of 5-star chef

Spaghetti of 5-star chef
Spaghetti of 5-star chef

Only take-away, the high quality noodle of chef A Hoai at the price of 25,000VND is favorite food of many people.

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The Spaghetti

Bach Duy Hoai, the common name of A Hoai, learnt cooking in Swiss. After that, he came back and became a deputy chef for a 5-star hotel in Saigon. The restaurant in Italian style opened in the early September after Mr Hoai failed in bread business before.

Every day, he chooses the ingredients and cook by himself. His food is very simple, only including noodle and sauce but it is always favorite food of young people.

Spaghetti of 5-star chef
Spaghetti of 5-star chef

The ingredient for the sauce of Mr Hoai is premium: Australian beef. He said that the inspiration for him to make this dish is the noodle he made for his daughter and received her praise.

The noodle is soft, not too sticky and very blended with the sauce.

This restaurant serves mainly for customers taking away at the price of 25,000VND. The customers who want to enjoy on-site can take a seat at the coffee shop in the head of the valley 28 on Nguyen Canh Chan street and order the food.

The beefsteak

In addition to the spaghetti, Mr Hoai also cooks beefsteak by Australian beef. It is made based on the recipe of a famous American chef.

Spaghetti of 5-star chef

The beefsteak of Mr Hoai is the mixture of 2 styles: European and Asian, but mainly Asian style. It is the attraction of this food.

The customers can buy the marinated beef to cook at home with the price of 95,000VND.