Sai Sung – A special seafood in Quang Ninh


Everyone knows that Quang Ninh is famous for its scenery, its people, its culture. But not many people know about a unique food that can only be found there. 

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This special seafood is called Sai Sung or Sa Sung; it is surely another reason why you cannot refuse to come to Quang Ninh.

The land of Sai Sung is the sea area near the coastline of Van Hai Island Province, especially Minh Chau or Quan Lan districts. Sai Sung lives on the seashore where the tide goes up and down every day. 

When the ebbs come, people have to look for Sai Sung really quickly, often by digging the sand. A good digger must be familiar with the job; his experience enables him to perform quick, skillful and spectacular movements as if he is dancing on the shore. 

Nutritional value of Sa sung

Sa sung is a unique and expensive specialty. It is only found in Quan Lan island – Minh Chau (Van Don, Quang Ninh), Nha Trang, Con Dao (Phu Quoc) and Dong Hung (China).

The nutritional content in Sa Sung contains 10.3% amino acid, in which sweetened amino acids such as glycin 3.2%, alanine 2.5%, succinic 0.35%, glutamine 0.25% is the substance that creates the sweet scent of Sa sung. With 3.2% taurin and 1.2% minerals, so far it has been called the earthy ginseng.

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Function of Sa sung

Sa sung has many good functions for human health such as improving the health effectively, being good for the elders and children in the process of maturing. In addition, Sa sung is very good for men because it strengthens the health very well.

In cuisine, Sa sung is an expensive dish. With a little Sa sung, we will have a naturally sweet and good smelling broth which is very different from the mormal broth made from bones.

How to choose the best Sa sung

All over the country, there is only place being famous for Sa sung. It is Minh Chau and Quan Lan beaches, in Van Don, Quang Ninh Province. Sa sung caught in 2 provinces is the best one.

You can choose Sa sung which has a bright color, thick and short body. This kind of Sa sung after being cooked will has a naturally sweet taste.

How to cook it

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The Sai Sungs found are then fried with fresh garlic to create a tasty and buttery dish. This fried food is also regarded as Moi Xao, a distinctive and popular food of Halong.

Another way to serve Sai Sung is to dry them before roasting. When the dish is done, it has a tempting yellow color and great flavor of sea salt. When eating, we dip Sai Sung in chili sauce before putting it into our mouth. 

Not everyone has the chance to taste this special food, but anyone who has agrees that the combination of fried Sai Sung, fresh lettuces and beer is something beyond their imagination.

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