Moi Moi Cafe

Moi Moi café
Moi Moi café

Address: 173 Tran Huy Lieu St., Ward 8, Phu Nhuan Dist., Ho Chi Minh City
Phone: 0913 674 894
Hotline: 0913 674 894
Description: Someone has always said that the society around us now is all busy and life is almost always messy because of what we call earning a living or living a life. Anyone surely wants to survive, to reserve for himself a certain position in this ratrace or to a firm pillar, a shoulder for the whole family. More than that, these days, price escalates step by step, which makes human put on himself a cover of a victor. That is obvious as it means.

We just call it “a cover” because when not having to strive or to dealing with so much chaos, few people want to emulate and work so hard to make plan for the next step. Behind that cover, people all want to live peacefully, to live with comfort. So you do not want to wonder why most of the cafés at the moment have various styles or come up with many unique ideas. That is because all in all, creativity is for the sole purpose – to bring the soul back to love, tenderness of which no cover can take control. And for that logical reason, Moi Moi Café has been put up..

Moi Moi café
Moi Moi café

Tu Cong Phung songwriter used to write “If there is something eternal, it is our love.” So for soul to find way back to love, back to the gentle breath with every whisper word together, it is, perhaps, a little space of the café which sounds ideal.

Despite not carrying any marks of alteration in design, Moi Moi café is a combination of artistic candles, books and extremely cute teddy bears. If the essence of the art of arrangement and decoration is not focused here, then there would be nothing more than another – the “peace”; peace through rustic guitar, violin sound to lull the heart, and the night becomes intimate more than ever as shoulder gets so close to shoulder in such a cozy space of Moi Moi café.
promises to be an ideal place for those who like to find a private corner to relax or share a little sadness. So just put aside all the mess, rivalry and come feel the love you have been looking for.

Moi Moi café
Moi Moi café

Moi Moi café accepts booking of offline meeting, birthday party and other kinds of party with attendance of 10 or more people. If required, the café can book for you guitar or violin performance for the meeting of friends, and this section will not charge additional fee on beverage. What you have to pay is the fee for music support only. Below is the schedule for your reference.

  • Thursday night – Guitar & Violin concert
  • Friday night – Prewar – Lyrical – Light music
  • Saturday night – Foreign, Youth music
  • Sunday – Singing Together – Singing with Guitar
  • Last Sunday of the month is the performance of theme songs or mixed songs
  • All performances start at 8:30 pm
  • 10% discount for offline meetings, birthday parties attended from 10 to 35 people.
  • Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday:  15% discount
  • It is our pleasure to serve you all.

A little cozy space of the café hopefully is for your sharings after a long hard working day through musical support.